Monday, October 5, 2009

Graphic Design Icon sketches

Icon and Pattern sketches for the Sense of Place project. I assume these will be used in the book/website we are developing for Sense of Place. Just some quickies developed based off things I saw and feel represent Old Bradenton Road in some way. Saw a lot of graffiti so that explains the Spray Can. The Sarasota Fire Fighting Company resides on that street and their trucks fly down the road, alarms blaring daily. I don't hear of many fires in the area, so I assume another day, another old person having a heart attack.

There are stone flowers on some of the buildings of Ringling Campus and a lot of strange flowers in general on the road, so one of the icons was made to reflect it. Old Bradenton is a very long and straight road, you can see one end practically from the other, and so I made an icon that was a road that showed a sense of horizon without actually going to it. I think the play on the type worked out well, "OLD" mimicking a bike lane and all, but it could maybe stand for a revision.

The patterns are basically busy work. I don't plan on using any pattern in the website and doubtfully for the book. The second radial pattern came out decent, however.

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