Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fractal Experimentation

In Music Branding the next phase of our project will be an album unique to the band full of art or interesting packaging; whatever you want.

I decided a logical expansion to my RGB circle square triangle poster concept would be mathmatical geometric forms: Fractals.

These are a few experiments I did a few days ago with a brand new program I learned called "Apophysis." I am amazed at the potential with this tool. Its a different way of making art, despite its intrinsic quality it requires less skill than photoshop, instead relying on more thinking attributes and lots of numbers.

Unfortunately I can only mildly lay claim to the first and third images, I was using tutorials to learn how to make these things because I was otherwise overwhelmed by the program. The middle image was my first foray into the process alone however.

I am eager for the work that I can produce through Apophysis.


Susan said...

Wow - these are amazing! I really like the one you did on your own, too. Look forward to seeing more!

Alex Garey said...

These are amazing Colin! Excellent work :)

Chris Betancourt said...

Dude im showin my family these and they think this shit is so siiicckkk