Monday, November 17, 2008

the old (cont.)

More of my concentrations from AP Art. There are a few others that aren't turning up right now, I'll post them later if I find them.

Its strange to look at this work now. It lacks a lot of qualities of composition as well as overall skill that I didn't possess back then. The funny thing is that I don't necessarily know what I learned that helps my work now, other than that it looks better. As long as it looks better, than the ends justify the means, right?

the old

This is some old work of mine for my High School AP Art class. We had to make 12-16 "concentrations" and I focused on photoshopped collages of imagery that reflected lyrics to songs of my choice.

life is more enjoyable with puppies.

Friday, November 14, 2008

and on the first day

I have finally decided to activate my blog after months of just letting it chill, probably pissing off all the other Colin Brights out there knowing that I was squatting their name. I'll put a bunch of my old art in here soon, and then afterwards my current works.