Monday, April 27, 2009

Reflection Essay History of GIC 4/27/09

-Words are not merely codes, using them is a behavior, and the behavior alters their meaning. 
It was interesting to look at words in a different way; that the phonic alphabet was an empty representation- a signifier for the richer fullness of speech and content inside. In deconstructionism, we reverse the status of the two to reveal speech fails at what it is allegedly best at- transparently repeating reality.
-There is no innocent speech.
Deconstruction is a way to read "texts." Any deconstruction has a text as its object and subject.
-normative: See Image - Read Text
-deconstruct: See Text - Read Image
-Untrained: Free to invent, Walked the line between chaos and illegibility, angering many.
Typography exploded in the '80s due to electronic media coming to fruition. 

I was very intrigued by the phrase "type production has gone mad, with its senseless outpouring of new types... only in degenerate times can 'personality' (opposed to the nameless masses) become the aim of human development." In postmodernism, we see reality as being fragmented, diverse, tenuous, and culture specific. More importantly, Deconstruction can stand for structures in the mass media can be reshuffled and re-inhabited. Words are NOT merely codes, using them is a behavior, and the behavior alters their meaning. The intelligent designer needs to strike back and disturb/disrupt.
- Emphasis on the body, the actual insertion of the human into the texture of time and history.
The films we watched today were great, especially the Hillmancurtis film on Sagmeister, which was beautiful. The talk we held after class was equally interesting, it was good to question ourselves as designers. What is our role as a designer in the coming times? A graphic designer in the '60s and one in the 2010s are not the same. What is design changing to in the new millennium?  I'm unsure that I even know right now what my purpose will be. Will what I do come back to haunt me later in life?

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