Monday, March 16, 2009

Reflection Essay History of GIC 3/16/09

It was interesting how after some years of Graphic Design, it started to become such a major part of commercialism and our culture, that it needed to be passed down to a new generation. Fundamentals to the art form were being cemented and a general sense of what was good and bad design was entering the consciousness. The Bauhaus was an integral part of GIC History, it helped define the art form, founded on the idea of providing solutions for the industrial age. 

We discussed several many things relating to the schooling of Graphic Design and some of the pioneers of the media:
Maholy Nagy designs the first course that studies in Graphic Design.
Johannes Itten makes a color theory program in the Bauhaus.
Form Follows Function
Mondrian limited himself to primary colors and straight horizontal/vertical lines, no diagonals.
Simplicity and Function in furniture
De Stijl architecture
De Stijl passes along with designer Van Doesburg in 1931
Swiss Design vies to create a design understandable internationally.

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